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5 Simple Rules to Grow Your Business


 Expansion is the goal of businesses on both a large and small scale.  Unfortunately, entrepreneurs commonly struggle with the sequence of  steps needed to make growth possible. 

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Work-Life Balance Tips


 n today’s fast paced, productivity-minded world, it’s no wonder that so  many struggle to maintain a balance between their work lives and their  leisure time.

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Tips for Companies Seeking Charity Options


 It’s agreed upon that partnering with a charity is an altruistic  practice for any individual or business entity. 

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Tips for Retail Marketing in the Digital Age


 Retail businesses consistently face steep competition, both online and locally. Anything that helps to set these businesses apart can help enhance their retail sales. 

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Tips for Retail Stores Looking to Grow in 2019


 In 2019, the retail marketplace has grown to nearly $3.8 trillion. Strong economic fundamentals mean that consumers are ready to spend money to buy the things they want and need. 

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Crunchbase Profile


Follow Sam Dushey's profile to stay updated on recent media features regarding Sam's entrepreneur ventures, Shoppers World, and educational blogs.

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Shoppers World CEO’s ‘Undercover’ shocker



It’s never easy being an “Undercover Boss.” But it was particularly tricky for Sam Dushey, the president/CEO of Shoppers World...

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What All CEOs Can Learn From an “Undercover Boss”


Chief Executive.Net interviews Sam Dushey on his experience on Undercover Boss, where he explored his Shoppers World stores.

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Chain Store 2016


CEO of family-owned business, Shoppers World, discusses his experience going undercover on "Undercover Boss".

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