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Welcome to the official website of Sam Dushey, CEO & President of Shoppers World USA. 

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Sam Dushey

CEO & President of Shoppers World

 Sam Dushey's entrepreneurship and love for the business have flourished since the age of fifteen, when he began working In the family business for his father and grandfather. Having the courage, energy and fearlessness to fuel a small family business, Dushey opened his first store at the age of 24 as to what began the beginning of the modern family business known as Shoppers World. He has since grown the business to over 40 locations in 11 states across the United States.

The Shoppers World philosophy “Always New, Always for less" has made Sam Dushey one of the successful entrepreneurs in the Industry. In a market that is saturated with competition, Dushey manages to stay ahead of the curve by implementing strategic business tactics such as exceptional customer service, a keen attention to cleanliness, as well as constantly evolving the brand to keep up with the times.

Dushey has been featured on Yahoo Business, CBS, Bloomberg TV, and the CBS series Undercover Boss season 7 Episode 3. Dushey also has appeared in dozens of publications. Dushey lives with his wife Norma and their 2  children in New York City. His interests include sports, specifically anything involving extreme sports ,fitness as well as spending quality time with his family.

Sam Dushey is a proven leader in the Retail industry and hopes to inspire others to believe that hard work is the recipe for success. 


Sam Dushey's successful career has been documented throughout the press for over 20 years. Furthermore, his desire to help aspiring entrepreneurs is documented in a variety of blogs. 

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